Treviso – Cansiglio

The Cansiglio is a Prealps plateau, a great natural, historical and cultural heritage in the heart of the Veneto region, between the provinces of Belluno, Treviso and Pordenone. With the characteristic shape of its karst basin, it is a real hiking paradise for its forest, the third largest in Italy.
In this territory there is a settlement of the Cimbrian ethnic group dating back to the early 1800s.
Currently the villages of Campon and Pian Osteria are inhabited by the Cimbri.
The Cimbrian Ethnographic and Cultural Museum, a historic building in Pian Osteria, showcases the carpentry and craftsmanship of the Cimbri, their culture and their legends.
For the Republic Day we recommend some of the pleasant experiences that Prealpi Cansiglio Hiking can offer.
Any examples? Guided hikes for nature lovers in a relaxed atmosphere: barefoot walks, sunset walks and dog walking.

Each season has its own beauty and particularity: spring blooms, perfect climate in summer, spectacular foliage in autumn and enchanting snowy environments in winter.
Reconnecting with nature is a path that will make you feel better emotionally and contribute to physical well-being. The naturalistic guides will lead you through wonderful places, perfect for everyone’s needs!
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