Mogliano Veneto – The Foscarini

Today we want to introduce you to Mogliano Veneto, an enchanting city located a few kilometers from Venice. Mogliano is an ideal tourist destination for those seeking history, art, culture and nature, and offers numerous attractions, such as Piazza dei Caduti, the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, Villa Barbarigo and the Civic Museum.

The Foscarini is a highly digital and eco-sustainable hotel just a few minutes by train from the center of Venice.
At The Foscarini you will experience a new concept of hospitality that revolves around your well-being, your rest and your freedom, with privacy and security playing a key role.
Their Guest App will usher you into the new era where you can access the hotel and its facilities with just a tap on your phone screen.
Enjoy the recently renovated rooms, designed in every detail to be elegant and functional.