Vittorio Veneto – Hotel e Ristorante Fratte

Protected by gentle hills and furrowed by the calm waters of the Meschio river, Vittorio Veneto rises on the slopes of the Treviso Prealps. Known for its battle that marked the end of the Great World War, the city is crossed by a three-kilometre pedestrian path that offers unprecedented views, among old buildings, old mills and the characteristic “Meschet”, hydraulic works built by the Serravallesi to contain the river after the disastrous flood of 1598.

This town was founded from the merger of the two centers of Ceneda and Serravalle and walking through its streets the two souls emerge clearly in the urban layout and in the historic buildings.

Between the historic city of Vittorio Veneto and the splendid view of Pian del Cansiglio, the Forest of the Doges of Venice, stands the small family-run Hotel and Restaurant Fratte. A welcoming and familiar environment where hospitality and authenticity are at home. An essential stay as a starting point for an unmissable visit to the Caglieron caves, artificial and natural cavities crossed by the flowing waters of the Caglieron stream.